Denise Pratt is Judge of the 311th Family Court.  Before taking the bench, she had over 18 years of experience in cases involving all aspects of family law.

As Judge, she works hard to ensure that her rulings protect children and families, and her demeanor ensures that all parties who come before her are treated with respect and dignity.

Denise has been trained in family violence by HPD Domestic Violence Unit and the Baytown Police Citizens Academy.

She represented litigants from Women’s Shelters, Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse, and Texas Fathers for Equal Rights.  She has received training by Suicide Hotline and Charter Lakeside Drug/Alc Rehabilitation.

Having been appointed by the Governor in 2007, Denise continues to serve on the Board of Social Workers Examiners, a position which not only places her in an oversight role monitoring family health and safety issues, but also provides her with insight to mental health and emotional issues – a valuable asset for a Family Court Judge.

An active Republican, Denise maintains her membership in the Republican Leadership Council, as well as numerous grassroots groups, including Texas Tea Party Republican Women, Magic Circle Republican Women, Daughters of Liberty, Ronald Reagan Republican Women, Village Republican Women, Cherry Tree Republicans, and Northwest Forest Republican Women.

Denise is a strong believer in the importance of family values.

She has mentored numerous children, taken foster children into her home, sponsored children from girls/boys homes, and continues to provide support systems for youth who ‘graduate’ out of the CPS system, so that they may become independent, productive adults.

Her goal has always been to strengthen families and give children a better future.

This is the caring commitment she brings to the 311th Bench.