Endorsed by

Conservative Republicans of Texas-
Katy Christian Magazine-
Baptist Ministers’ Association of Houston & Vicinity-

Party Leaders

Cheryl Dalton- Immediate Past President, Daughters of Liberty (DOL)
Willie Wright, Chaplain- Texas Tea Party Republican Women (TTPRW)
Randy Kubosh- Pct. Chair 2
Diane “Dee” Rowland- Pct. Chair 451
Brandon Capatillo- Baytown City Councilman
Pete Alfaro- Lee College Regent, Former Mayor of Baytown
Norm Adams- Long Time Conservative Activist & Founder of Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy

Community Leaders

Carl Burg- Past President of Goose Creek Consolidated ISD and Former School Board Member
Calvin Mundinger- Former Baytown Mayor and City Councilman
Conrad “Connie” Magouirk- Former President of Citizens Bank, Retired President of Amegy Bank, Eastern Region.

Precinct Chairs

Eric Story- Pct. 83
Clint Moore- Pct. 110
Tom Zakes- Pct. 220
Matthew Cowan- Pct. 311
Molly Salazar- Pct. 343
Larry White- Pct. 388
Josh Flynn- Pct. 407
Ned Watkins- Pct. 444
Diane Rowland- Pct. 451
Samuel Mai- Pct. 508
Priscilla (Perky) Savage- Pct. 519
Anthon Meyer- Pct. 523
Marc Pembroke- Pct. 541
Valoree Swanson- Pct. 552
Jim McSpadden- Pct. 727
Charles Waldie- Pct. 751
Cheryl Dalton- Pct. 761
Alex McCoy- Pct. 876
Grace Howard- Pct. 968

Supported by

Jospeh Menslage-
Mark S. Grantom Esq.-Former HFD
Geo Dana Esq.- Criminal and Family Attorney
Hon. Leta Parks- Former Associate Judge 247 Family Court
Diana Fabrique- CRN
Beth A Wasserstuan-
Al Gueler M.D.-
Penny Shaw-
William J. McKay M.D-
Dr. Joan S. Anderson-
Bruce A. Baughman- Attorney
Kimberly Baughman- Attorney
Shannon L. Boudreaux- Attorney
Julie Brock- Attorney
Valeria M. Lee Brock- Attorney
Deborah E. Bryant- Attorney
Judson C. Bryant- Attorney
Richard E. Caouette-
Rose E. Cardenas- Attorney
Chris Carmona-
Robbie G. Charette- Attorney
Curtis W. Clerkey Jr.-
David L. Cook Jr.- Attorney
William T. Cornelius- Attorney
Rosalind Curtis- Attorney
Edward Davis- Attorney
Rhonda Echols-
Pat Egwuatu- Attorney
Tiffany Elkins- Attorney
Roger Elswick-
Bruce B. Fant- Attorney
Jeannie C. Flynn- Attorney
George Clevenger-
E.L. Ginther-
Angelina D.A. Gooden- Attorney
Robert Goolsby-
Brian Goonan-
Russell W. Hall-
Barry J. Hards- Attorney
Ronnie Harrison- Attorney
Cheryl Herring-Seeley-
Lois Hoffman-
Joseph Indelicato Jr.- Attorney
Cheryl Ann Beard Jeter- Attorney
Jaclyn Jones- Attorney
Shonda M. Jones- Attorney
Harvey Katz-
Anne Kennedy- Attorney
Carlos Lagunas-
Frank E. Mann- Attorney
Jack Lee-
Scott Leichtenbert-
Stephen Lekas- Attorney
Harold Frederick Levine-
V.G. Levine-
Earle S. Lilly- Attorney
Glenn Lilly- Attorney
Ronald W. Lind-
Gregory S. Lindley- Attorney
Mark Lipkin- Attorney
Elton R. Lockings- Attorney
Ann Lucius-
John Stewart Maisel- Attorney
Frank A. Mba- Attorney
Lisa McCartney-
Jeannie McClure-
Eric T. McFerren- Attorney
Robert Reid McInvale Jr- Attorney
Karen L. McKay- Attorney
Diane McManus- Attorney
Jedediah D. Moffett- Attorney
Bobby K. Newman- Attorney
John Nichols- Attorney
Verna M. Pratt-
Ricardo Ramos- Attorney
Marsha Reed- Attorney
Janice Rich- Attorney
Dr. C.A. Riser-
Lindsey Short- Attorney
Meghann J. Smith- Attorney
Itze Navarro Soliz- Attorney
Michael Springer- Attorney
Dana R. Stewart- Attorney
Celso B. Suarez Jr.- Attorney
Therese L. Thiebeaux- Attorney
Deborah L. Thompson- Attorney
Theodore R. Trigg- Attorney
Walter R. Vallee-
John E. Van Ness- Attorney
Mary E. Van Orman- Attorney
Stephen E. Warford-
Lacey West- Attorney
Frederick D. Williams II- Attorney
David J. Wukoson- Attorney
Bobbie Young- Attorney